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About Sean

Sean Nestor is a natural networker and negotiator who approaches complex issues with a positive, solution-oriented focus and an eye on the broader context. As a 28-year-old Toledo native, he offers a solid understanding and fresh vantage point for addressing persistent problems that need a community-oriented perspective.

Since graduating magna cum laude from the University of Toledo in 2010 with his B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering Technology, Sean has dedicated his personal time to serving on boards, working with community organizations, and building up the platform of the local Green Party. His interest in local politics is spurred by his deep concern over the lack of civic engagement shown by younger city residents and his desire to motivate more action from the grassroots level.

Speaking at the 2013 March Against Monsanto in Maumee, Ohio

For the past four years, Sean has been employed with MassMutual as their Systems Administrator. He has also been an adjunct instructor at Owens Community College since graduating summa cum laude with an associate's degree in 2005. Through hard work and dedication he was able to become a homeowner in Point Place four years ago.

His current public involvement is varied, but focuses on organizations that are in need of solid leadership to assist with conflict resolution and collaboration to achieve their long-term goals. Sean understands the importance of supporting Toledo-grown businesses and currently serves on the board of Toledo Choose Local. He is also the current Board President of Phoenix Earth Food Co-operative.

With 2012 Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein and local Toledo supporter Alyx Kendzierski

Because of his commitment to changing "politics as usual," Sean is co-chair and treasurer of the Lucas County Green Party. As an entrepreneur, Sean is a co-founder of Third Space, a community center in downtown Toledo that hosts cultural events and provides meeting space. In addition to his board memberships, Sean actively supports local organizations and initiatives related to women's rights, alternative energy solutions, freedom to marry, and campaign finance reform.

Sean's enthusiasm, along with his mature work ethic and dedication to serving the public interest of Toledo residents, have led him to seek public office as a Toledo City Council member. He wants his involvement in public office to set an example for younger generations and foster more interest in citizen involvement. As with all Green Party candidates, he is funding his city council campaign solely through donations from individuals, and not with contributions from PACs, unions or businesses. This demonstrate s his solid commitment to serving the greater interests of the people city-wide as their next representative.

"...has more ideas than most members of Congress. He too has seen the poverty and random violence, but he loves the city and wants to stay here and help it." -Keith Burris, Toledo Blade

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